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Editing & Educational Services

In addition to being a published author and Creative Writing and English professor and Acquisitions Editor for Upper Rubber Boot Books, Andrew is an accomplished editor with numerous published titles, grants, and scholarships to his credit. 

He edits and critiques nonfiction, creative-nonfiction, fiction, poetry, journal articles, self-help books, and children's books. He can copy-edit, proofread, and assist in the development of cover letters, resumes, scholarly articles, and admissions essays as well as compose and edit a variety of technical documents, including grants, proposals, scholarships, and web-copy. He can also assist in the production and design of eBooks, websites, podcasts, and videocasts.
Andrew promptly meets deadlines, can edit either via track changes or hand, and can meet with clients in-person, on the phone, or via video-conference. Whether you have an idea you want to discuss, a manuscript that needs intense revision, or a finished product you are interested in self-publishing or submitting for publication, Andrew can help make it happen.
"Andrew helped me take my first book, Dream Warrior, from word doc to bookshelf. The time it took him to complete a heavy developmental edit, copy-edit and proofreading of my book before its publication was impressive. His suggestions allowed me to look at my poems and prose from a different perspective and helped me improve the overall flow and structure of my writing. I will look back on his suggestions to positively affect my future writing endeavors. If you are looking for a great editor with a fast turn around time, Andrew is your editor of choice." -- Tyler Croak, author of Dream Warrior
His rates are based on those of the Editorial Freelancer’s Association. Each project, of course, is unique as are each individual's needs, so rates are negotiable. Andrew will gladly review a brief sample of the project in question and discuss options for a small fee. He can also provide samples and client references upon request. Please contact him for details.
"Andrew is a true professional and a breeze to work with. He has an expert editorial eye, meets deadlines, communicates clearly with authors, editors, and publishers, and is as practically minded as he is creative. He took Apocalypse Now: Poems and Prose from the End of Days from drawing board to eBook/paperback and helped elevate my publishing company to the next level. Our latest project, The Floodgate Poetry Series: Three Chapbooks by Three Poets in a Single Volume, promises to further elevate Upper Rubber Boot Books. Whether you are writing your first novel or prepping a manuscript for publication, I highly recommend him."    -- Joanne Merriam, owner Upper Rubber Boot Books 
Andrew is also available as a writing coach or tutor for one-on-one instruction in-person and via video-conference for individuals of all levels of experience, genre, and need. He also tutors in numerous subjects, including test prep, algebra, geometry, biology, history, and, of course, grammar and essay writing.
Please contact Andrew with your interest at
Check out his teacher ratings at here.  
"I began working with Andrew in September 2013 on my book, Sun God Sacred Secrets: The Archaeology, Art & Science of Ancient World Religions, when I needed to replace my existing editorAndrew is client-focused, service-drive, and affordable. He always met our deadlines and brought a level of energy to my first book that was a great boost to my confidence as a a burgeoning writer. I found Andrew to be very quick, responsive and incisive in his editorial approach and very enjoyable and surprisingly easy to work with, even when his commentary meant I had a lot of rewriting to do! I greatly enjoy Andrew's entrepreneurial approach as well as his teaching skills; no doubt, his editorial advice took my book to the next level. I have already asked Andrew if he would work with me in the near future. Whatever happens do not skimp on the editorial process. Work with Andrew and you won´t be disappointed!" -- Carlton Brown, author of Sun God Sacred Secrets: The Archaeology, Art & Science of Ancient World Religions
"Andrew is a GREAT Writing Coach. His skillset ranges from nonfiction to fiction to poetry to...whatever you need! He understands mechanics as well as popular, current styles of writing, and how to get it published. His knowledge and knowhow have matured my writing, and his recommendations for reading and research are spot on. As an aspiring author, I want to learn as much as I can without being told what to do. Andrew reins me in when I need it without forgetting my work is mine, not his. This push-and-pull approach allows me to improve as a writer without losing my voice or changing my beliefs. I’ve worked with Andrew for over two years. I know he puts as much thought into his editing and coaching as he does his own writing. I wouldn’t be the writer I am without him." -- Kenneth Northington, student and retired military 

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